My name is Daniel Tait, and I am currently a postdoc working with Theo Damoulas as part of the Warwick Machine Learning Group. Our goal is to construct hybrid models of dynamical systems, combining the flexibility of modern machine learning techniques with sophisticated, domain-specific physical knowledge. Previously I did my PhD at the University of Edinburgh investigating latent force models with multiplicative interactions.

Aside from statistics and machine learning I have a keen interest in the philosophy of mind and cognition. Past greats (think Leibniz, Descartes etc) were inspired by problems from the natural sciences - and in turn these sciences have had such a profound role in guiding the development of mathematics - and it is my belief that the philosophy of mind, neuroscience, psychology, economics and so on will be equally important in inspiring new mathematics to describe and examine these processes. Are (deep) neural networks in their various guises our Newtonian mechanics, or is all of that still to come?

Aside from the above I love the outdoors, from below sea level to mountain top. Like to keep active and enjoy running and climbing. Enjoy watching and reading science fiction and my favourite animal is the octopus, although the peregrine falcon is a close second.

Contact me at "first name"."last name"@warwick.ac.uk or tweet me @tait.djk